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Homeseekerplus policy consultation

Homeseekerplus is a choice-based lettings (CBL) scheme run by the seven local authorities in partnership with social housing landlords. The seven local authorities are Tewkesbury Borough Council, Gloucester City Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, Stroud District Council, Forest of Dean District Council, Cotswold District Council and West Oxfordshire District Council.

The partnership originally formed in 2009 and subsequently West Oxfordshire joined in 2016 which was when the last major change to the policy was undertaken. Since then minor tweaks have been made in line with new superseding legalisation such as the homeless reduction act 2017.

A decision was taken by the management board to undertake a review of this policy to bring it up to standard to ensure all parts are still relevant and that the partnership is conforming to their legal obligations. The management board were particularly keen to ensure that all parts of the policy were compliant with the equalities act 2008 and took account to the changing housing market across the partnership.

The draft policy was agreed by all council cabinets, committees, or a person with delegated authority in order to complete this public consultation. The consultation has been agreed to start on the 1st February 2021 and run for a period of 8 weeks, ending on the 29th March 2021.

Before the council or housing association makes an offer of housing, the allocations policy is used to prioritise applicants’ bids and to decide which applicants housing need most closely matches the property itself.

You can access the consultation here:



You can access the policy here:


If you have any queries about this consultation or have any technical difficulties access it, please contact the partnership coordinator luke.shervey@tewkesbury.gov.uk