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Privacy statement

Homeseekerplus is a group of councils and housing providers who work together to provide homes across Gloucestershire and West Oxfordshire. We will use your personal information to provide those services to you and will need to share your information with each other to enable us to do this. This information would could include your household’s medical, financial and housing history which you would have provided on your application.

  • Who is collecting the data?

Your data is collected by each local authority for where you apply to, this is collected by you filling in the homeseekerplus application form. We sometimes also need to gather further information from 3rd parties, this information is only gathered with your explicit consent.

  • What data is being collected?

The data collected is only data which is relevant to your housing need.

  • What is the legal basis for processing the data?

The legal basis for collecting your information is due to you providing it freely in order to access homes across Gloucestershire and West Oxfordshire.

  • Will the data be shared with any third parties?

No personal data is provided to 3rd parties without your explicit consent. The information that is shared is also only used for statistic and strategic needs, however, all personal data is removed when we do this. Your data is processed by locata housing services who run the IT system, your data is stored on their servers which are located within the UK and Western Europe.

  • How will the information be used?

Your data is used to allow you to bid for social housing across Gloucestershire and West Oxfordshire.

  • How long will the data be stored for?

Data retention across the partnership is outlined below:

For active applications, your data is stored for as long as your application is active. If you are housed through homeseekerplus then we will keep your data for 3 years, if you do not use homeseekerplus for a period of time, then your case will be set to removed and removed after 6 months. Data for homeless applications are kept for 3 years.

Any data kept after these dates will have no personal data in and only be kept for statistical needs.

  • What rights do you have?

You have rights to your data and can request a copy from your local council or request “the right to be forgotten” to be invoked. You have the right to retract your authorisation to use your data.

  • How can the data subject raise a complaint?

You can raise complaints with your local council and find out more information on privacy on the links below.

Find your council page HERE

Find your housing provider page HERE