Which properties can I bid for?

The Homeseeker Plus Policy sets out which properties you can bid for. This is normally determined by how many people are in your household, the age of any children and whether you need sheltered accommodation.

If you sign in, you will be able to see the properties you are eligible to bid for.

Deciding what to bid for

When choosing a property to bid for, you need to consider a number of things:

Is there an age restriction on the property?

Some properties have a minimum age requirement, for example, in some cases only people over 50 can apply.

Sheltered housing properties are usually for people aged 55 years or over. As well as a minimum age, your council may assess your need for sheltered housing.

If age limits apply these will be shown on the adverts.

Will I get a property in the area I want?

We encourage you to bid for any area in which you are interested. However, please bear in mind that first preference will be given to applicants who have a local connection to that area.

If demand for homes is very high in the area you want, you may want to think about bidding for a home in nearby, lower-demand areas instead.


Some landlords will not allow you to keep a dog or a cat unless the property has its own garden. If you have a pet, please check the advert  or contact the landlord before bidding.

Circumstances where you may not be invited to view a property

We always carry out a final check on your circumstances before we invite you to view a property.

You may not be invited to view the property if your circumstances have changed so it is important that you always tell us about any changes.